Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Elementary Math Lessons Software for Interactive Whiteboards

Single User License:

Unlimited Site License:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Early Elementary Math Software for IWB

Now available for $19.95 at AMAZON for U.S. Customers!

Buyers outside the U.S.A. may purchase through EBAY.

The Number Crew is a suite of 5 CD-ROMs covering math topics for grades K – 1. Children watch video segments introducing concepts and discuss the story lines and the math with their classmates. Topics are reinforced with entertaining and interactive exercises.

With an interactive whiteboard or data projector, each program can be used to effectively teach whole classes, or individual students can review topics as needed.

Children are given the opportunity to represent their ideas in many ways throughout the year. They draw pictures; make graphs; use manipulatives to model situations; and use numbers, tallies or objects to keep track as they count.

Lesson notes are provided with suggestions for class discussions and feedback.

The Number Crew Suite includes 5 Number Crew CD-ROMs:
Know Your Numbers 1
Know Your Numbers 2
Measures, Shapes and Space
Solving Problems

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm hooked on Amazon's KINDLE -- a Christmas gift this year. As a computer technology teacher, I am usually VERY critical about the latest tech gadgets -- particularly those products related to education and learning.
But the KINDLE is everything Amazon says it is, and more.
The screen resolution is top-notch. I've read from it for over 3 hours at a time, and I experienced no eye strain (my eyes are suffering after 3 hours reading from my laptop.)
The controls are simple and easy to use, and downloading was a snap!
I've been a fan (and customer) of Amazon for years. I'll continue to buy from Amazon, but its all Kindle downloads from here on out!
Academic Superstore is now offering a vast array of interactive, whole class teaching software! Check them out!

Academic Superstore Educational Discounts

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Interactive Whiteboard Software for High School and College Physics Classrooms

Jaguar Educational has a limited quantity available of Pintar Physics Virtual Lab and Lessons Software. Designed for use with Interactive Whiteboards, the software is also fully functional on a personal computer.
Software titles may be purchased individually, or as a set. Buyers may also choose to purchase the software under a single user license, or an unlimited site license.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

New Website offers Interactive Science Posters

An excellent collection of educational science posters is now available at Human Anatomy Posters.
The collection includes several poster series including The Human Brain, the Human Heart, Systems of the Body, and the Five Senses.

The site also offers an assortment of general science poster sets for Biology and Geography.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Whiteboard Software Available at AMAZON!

Good news!

A complete line of math and science software -- designed specifically for interactive whiteboards, is now available at AMAZON, the world's largest and most trusted online retailer.

Just visit our AMAZON STOREFRONT for all our Software -- all our math and science software is available as a set or by individual title, with either a single user or unlimited site license!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Physics Virtual Lab Software Series - 50% Savings!

Interactive Teaching Resources is offering 50% savings on its award-winning Physics Virtual Lab Software Series.

Hurry! --- SALE ENDS AUGUST 30, 2007!

Every item in the series -- including single user license and unlimited site license versions -- is on sale, including individual titles.

The InterACTIVE Physics VirtuaLab Series includes powerful simulation laboratories for PCs. The "brain" behind each of these innovative and exciting new programs is a powerful simulation engine, which brings experiments to life in your classroom with stunning accuracy. All simulation activities are designed for real-time interaction and problem-solving.

These powerful virtual tools can be used to demonstrate problems that were once static illustrations in books or inaccurate animations. Teachers can make predictions, run experiments, test hypothetical and alternative scenarios and immediately see the results in the classroom.

Each VirtuaLab provides laboratory examples, suggested experiment sheets, animated product demonstrations, a quick tutorial and full manuals to support teachers.

The InterActive VirtuaLab Suite includes the following titles:
VirtuaLab Electricity
VirtuaLab Electronincs
VirtuaLab Mechanics
VirtuaLab Sound
VirtuaLab Waves
VirtuaLab Optics

Each VirtuaLab provides: laboratory examples, suggested experiment sheets, animated product demonstration, a quick tutorial , a full manual.

Birchfield BIOLOGY Software SALE! 30% Savings!

Interactive Teaching Resources is offering a HUGE End-of-Summer SALE on the Birchfield BIOLOGY Software Series (8 Titles in the Set!)

Save an incredible 30% off list prices!

EVERY Birchfield Biology product, including single user and unlimited site license versions, is on Sale! Purchase the 8 title series, or choose from individual titles!

The Series includes 8 programs:
Nervous System
Living Things & Their Environments
Plant Biology

Sunday, October 01, 2006

One Stop Shopping for Interactive Teaching

Pintar Learning has just introduced a new, one-stop-shopping website -- Interactive Teaching Resources -- offering a vast collection of software specially designed for interactive whiteboards, as well as computer based / student application software, posters and videos/DVDs.

Software subject areas include math for grades K to 8 and science for grades 8 to college level, with single user or unlimited site license purchase options. Buyers may purchase software as a set, or choose from individual titles -- a welcome alternative for many teachers who don't want or need 'whole packages.'

Interactive Teaching Resources also includes science posters, motivational posters and videos / DVDs -- all designed to engage students and enhance learning.

Payment options include credit card and PayPal; Purchase Orders are accepted from schools and institutions by phone or fax via the site's "print and call" option. Purchase and ship options are well detailed in the site's Terms and Conditions page.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Whole Class Teaching Solutions

While educators have always realized the importance of whole-class teaching, since the introduction of No Child Left Behind, more schools are actively searching for tools to help them reach every student in the classroom.

Many schools have experienced the benefits of using interactive whiteboards to captivate the attention of all students in the classroom, regardless of their learning styles. But teachers are often limited by the rudimentary software included with their IWB.

All the whiteboard 'bells and whistles' options will delight 'tech-savvy' educators, but may frustrate the other excellent teachers in your school. Teachers welcome interactive whiteboard technology, but they need software that is appropriate for the subject and skill level of their students.

The use of traditional software with an interactive whiteboard creates more challenges. Designed for use on individual PCs or Macs, these software programs may not allow students in the back of the classroom to clearly see all elements on the board. More importantly, the software may not be designed to involve all students in the lesson and encourage them to participate in class discussions.

Forward thinking software publishers have realized the need for special applications designed with interactive whiteboards and whole-class teaching in mind. These publishers have designed their applications to:
- Be compatible with all interactive whiteboards available in the market.
- Have all elements of the screen easily viewed from any location in the classroom.
- Pose questions and provide tools that will actively involve all students in class discussions.
- Make it easy to reach controls and tools while working at the interactive whiteboard.
- Provide whiteboard tools and high-quality visuals that can be used across the curriculum.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

InterACTIVE Whiteboard Software for Classroom Teachers

Many schools are experiencing the benefits of using interactive whiteboards to captivate the attention of all students in the classroom, regardless of their learning styles.

But teachers are often limited by the rudimentary software included with their IWB. All the whiteboard 'bells and whistles' options will delight the 'tech-savvy' educators, but may frustrate the other excellent teachers in your school.

Teachers welcome interactive whiteboard technology, but they need software that is appropriate for the subject and skill level of their students.

These award-winning software programs have been specifically designed for use with an interactive whiteboard:

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Teaching Math with your IWB - Software Options

When evaluating math software to be used with an interactive whiteboard in elementary and middle school classrooms, there are several key elements that should be considered.
  • Is the software designed so that students can view the elements on the screen from any location in the classroom?
  • Does the software provide content that will help students learn required topics throughout the school year?
  • Will teachers and students find the software to be easy to navigate and manipulate so that time is spent learning math concepts rather than learning how to use the application?
  • Will the software work with the interactive whiteboard that is in the classroom?

Math software for interactive whiteboards can be divided into two categories:

CONTENT BASED programs for teaching and exploring math concepts. These software programs offer pre-designed lessons ideal for whole-class teaching or independent student learning.

TOOL BASED programs allowing teachers to design, create, and save lessons for the specific needs of their students.

Most publishers offer free demonstration software prior to purchase, through website download or CD-ROM request.